Tab Candy

Tab Candy Alpha

An original, highly functional way to manage tabs in Firefox


  • Original and innovative
  • Makes it easier to deal with dozens of tabs
  • Organize tabs in groups
  • Save tabs to read them later


  • Still in development
  • You have to test it on a separate version of Firefox


Tab Candy is a innovative way to manage your tabs in Firefox so that you don’t lose anything important but at the same time you’re not snowed under with too much information.

To start using Tab Candy, simply click the small button on the right side of the tab bar. This opens a new visual environment, with tabs represented as thumbnails, something that allows you to manage your tabs more productively. You can view all of your tabs at a glance – to quickly locate specific ones or switch between them – and also organize them in groups.

Creating a group in Tab Candy is as easy as dragging a tab thumbnail on top of another. You can drag and drop tabs as you like, and also name your groups according to the tabs they contain. This means you can have groups of tabs about social media, trip planning, cooking recipes and more. Tab Candy is also a great way to keep a list of tabs you want to save for later reading.

Like tabs, groups in Tab Candy can also be freely resized and rearranged. Clicking on one group opens only the tabs it contains, keeping the rest in the background to avoid distractions.

Tab Candy is a great idea, though still in development. We hope to see it implemented as a Firefox add-on – or even a Firefox built-in feature – some time in the future, but as for now the only way to test it is by downloading this early version of Firefox 4.0.

Tab Candy is an original way to manage tabs in Firefox, with tab thumbnails and customizable tab groups.

Tab Candy


Tab Candy Alpha

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